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A Very Fairy Door

Once a fairy door is hung, the fairies can visit and have some fun!

So much happiness comes from A Very Fairy Door:
Like comfort, encouragement, laughter and more!
When your child's not looking the fairies may bring
a treasure, a note, or most anything!
For sometimes fairies are just what you need,
to brighten a day or help you succeed;
to get through tough times or reward a good deed!

The very fairy friends bring love and cheer and can stop by
for visits any time of the year!


"I was completely blown away by the wonderful writing, the gorgeous illustrations, and the quality of the door.” — Amanda A.
"The fairy characters in the book are adorable and the quality of the door itself is outstanding. It’s truly a beautiful product and every little boy and girl would be lucky to have one.” — Ian T.
“Our child is so happy with her fairies!" — Krystal M.
"Never mind for a child, I want a copy for myself!" — Laura T.
"The book and illustrations are SO sweet!" — Helen S.
"We love ours so much we gave a copy to my daughter's preschool class!" — Miranda A.
"What a beautiful way to keep magic alive all year round!" — E.L.
"My niece gets excited every time she comes to my house so that she can play with the door." — Heather M.
"Cannot rate this highly enough! The book is beautifully illustrated and the story is incredible." — Taylor L.

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